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28 May 2010

On Friday the 28th of May 2010 the Ingleby Barwick Art Group set up it's Annual Exhibition of member's work, in the local library, which remained on display until the 4th of June. The event was officially opened by the Mayor of Ingleby Barwick, Councillor Bill Feldon who was accompanied by his wife and Mayoress Coleen. Once the exhibition had been opened the President of the Art Group Mrs Olwyn Bertram made a short speech of welcome and thanks, and presented to the Mayor one of several portraits of himself painted by members of the group earlier this year. The Artist Alan Austin was also present. We hope that members of the community will enjoy the exhibition during their visits to the library and look forward to increasing an awareness of the Art Groups work this year and in the years to come.  


5 Feb 2010

On Friday the 5th of February 2010 we had the pleasure of watching a watercolour demonstration by Bill Campbell-Trotter who is based in Helmsley, North Yorkshire. Bill started by demonstrating various techniques for painting trees and dry stone walls, something that we all struggle with each time we paint. He then talked briefly about the importance of sketching and gave several useful tips, here are two samples from one of his sketch books; Bill had prepared a sketch of a snow scene and took us through the various stages of painting using brushes, fingers, a pen knife and even a touch of white ceiling emulsion stressing the need to practice the various techniques until they have been mastered. Thank you Bill for a wonderful afternoon of expert instruction, we enjoyed it very much and look forward  to putting into practice the things you have taught us.


4 Dec 2009

On Friday the 4th of December 2009 18 members of the Art Group boarded a coach bound for York. We arrived after a pleasant journey and dropped off at the York Art Gallery where we enjoyed seeing some wonderful paintings. We then had free time to shop or watch the world go by before arriving at the Hilton Hotel at 1-O-Clock  to enjoy a three course Christmas lunch and a glass of wine.


17 Jul 2009 On Friday the 17th of July 2009, which was our last meeting before the summer break, we had the pleasure of hosting Jon Hall who came along to talk about painting water. He brought along several samples of some recent, and not so recent, works many of which included water in different forms and these were used to illustrate his points. Some realism was added to the proceeding when water was accidentally spilt on the floor, John Myers quickly came to the rescue and did a water painting demonstration with the biggest brush he could find.


10 Jul 2009

On Friday the 10th of July 2009 we had the pleasure of welcoming Mel Aniolkowski-Green to demonstrate flower painting using acrylics . Some members of the group are very proficient in the use of this medium whilst others have only dabbled or never used it at all, in any event  Mel's demonstration was very slick and professional and everyone benefited in some way. Mel started with a quick explanation of the basic equipment required.  She worked from photographs on this occasion but explained she preferred to work from real life, a daisy was chosen as the subject and Mel had " in true Blue Peter style" prepared one earlier.  Cool!! The next stage was to fill in the background and do the initial under painting of the petals followed by some redrawing of detail before giving the petals a top coat.  Painting the centre of the flower came next with a demonstration of the use of texture paste mixed into the colours. what a star, she knows all the tricks. Some highlights were added using greens and pinks in subtle tones and the finished painting appeared as if by magic! Thank you Mel for a very enjoyable and educational afternoon, we hope you will come again in the future. 

AGM 12 Jun 09.jpg

12 Jun 2009

On the 12th of June 2009 14 members of the Art Group met at the Fox Covert for our Annual  General Meeting. Olwyn spoke about the past year and our achievements and John gave an account of our financial state and plans for the year ahead. We all enjoyed a hearty lunch and friendly conversation, no prizes for guessing the subject!


24 Apr 2009

On the 24th of April 2009 we had a surprise visit from Jon Hall during our weekly meeting. Jon has recently been commissioned to paint the new bridge at North Shore on the River Tees in Stockton and he brought along his work to show us. He has also recently completed a commission for a friend of his house in Runswick Bay pictured.


8 Aug 2008
On Friday the 8th of August 2008 the Art Group was invited to the home of a friend of Olwyn to produce a painting for her. Olwyn, Karen, Alan, Margaret and Hilda volunteered to represent the group. After a welcome cup of coffee they went off to take photographs and to decide which part  of the house they would like to paint. However, the weather was not too kind and turned chilly, so after sketching for a couple of hours, It was decided to carry on with the painting at a later date. The group enjoyed the challenge and look forward to completing the project.On the 5th of September we all met in the Community Centre after a summer break Karen, Hilda and Alan have all produced paintings.


11 Jul 2008 The Ingleby Barwick Art group, which meets in the Community Centre on Haresfield Way each Friday, held it’s fourth public annual art exhibition on Friday the 11th of July 2008. There was a steady flow of visitors throughout the afternoon and many stayed for a cup of tea and a chat with the artists. There were fifty or so works of art on display produced by members in water colour, acrylic, oils and pastels, several of which were sold on the day. If you missed this event then there’s always next year, or you can visit this website where you can meet the artists and view their work.

Jon Hall 3.jpg

6 Jun 2008

At our weekly meeting on Friday the 6th of June 2008 we were privileged to have Jon Hall visiting, Jon set an acrylic Still Life exercise and gave us guidance as each individual worked on different subjects. Jon is a great one for encouraging people to have a go and not be afraid of making mistakes, after all that's the way we learn, having called for two volunteers to paint a single flower head on a very large canvas, about three feet square, Betty and Karen were soon vigorously applying copious quantities of paint. Here's the canvas at the outset. Betty, another fine mess you've got me into.   Karen, come on Betty we can do this!!!


16 May 2008

On Friday the 16th of May 2008 the Art Group hosted a watercolour painting demonstration by the well known artist Robert Brindley from Sleights near Whitby, North Yorkshire.  Robert started by explaining the equipment he uses and his painting technique of overlaying light washes. He went on to explain how he plans each painting, he is particularly detailed in his use of masking fluid to obtain the desired effect. The painting shown above which is entitled "Towards Ravenscar" was painted during the demonstration which lasted two hours.

Naina Malde.jpg

14 Mar 2008

On Friday the 14th of March 2008 it gave us great pleasure to welcome Naina Malde who very kindly ran a workshop on Batik and Fabric Painting. Naina completed an art course at Cardiff College of Art and worked as a graphic designer for 12 years, she has now diversified into art forms that span a wide cross-section of cultures and themes. Naina has run workshops and demonstrations at many schools, colleges, craft centres and art galleries in this area of the North East where she is well known for her expertise and skills in her subject.


16 Nov 2007 On Friday the 16th of November 2007 the group gathered in the community centre for a demonstration of "Portraits in Pastels" by Jon Hall. Jon started by showing us several works which he did in the 1980s, the above is one example. After a short briefing Jude bravely volunteered to be the model for the demonstration and Jon rapidly produced a lifelike image as if by magic!  Jon is a great one for encouraging members to have a go and John Myers demonstrated his skills. Not to be out done Gloria representing the ladies used a piece of rock pigment that she picked up during a holiday in France last year.  Karen Howard very kindly laid on a buffet and several willing hands helped with the washing up. Thank you Karen for all your hard work.
We ran out of time but Jude managed to leave with a souvenir sketch which she will treasure for many years. Our grateful thanks to Jon for spending the afternoon with us, we look forward to his next visit. Thank you Jon it's always a pleasure to have you visit us.

Jon Hall Runswick.jpg

29 Jun 2007

A group from The Ingleby Barwick Art Group met in the car park in Runswick Bay in time for a Ten O-Clock start, Jon Hall was there to meet us and quickly organised the equipment we needed to do some acrylic painting on the beach. Once everyone was set up Jon gave us a demonstration of outline sketching with the brush to get us started and we were off!!!!! Then the wind started to blow and the sky turned black and yes we all got wet. Then the sun came out again and the paint started to flow as Jon came and gave individual advice to each painter, several friendly people stopped for a chat which was very nice. After several attempts at painting during changable weather conditions some good underpaintings started to emerge then we had a particularly bad burst of wet and windy weather and gradually we packed our kit and had a welcome cup of tea and a sandwhich in the local cafe. 


18 Jun 2007

Between the 18th and 22nd of June 2007 a combined group from Ingleby Barwick, Hartlepool and Hilton visited The Crown Hotel, Helmsley for a short painting holiday, in order to develop the skill of painting outdoors. Here John and Norma enjoy a relaxed sunny afternoon painting. Under the leadership of George Colley we visited Helmsley walled Garden, Rievaulx Abbey, the nearby villages of Sproxton, Sinnington, Pockley, Husthwaite and some local gardens. George had already selected some views to paint, but individuals were free to choose their own view if they wished.   


8 Jun 2007

On the 8th of June 2007 the Ingleby Barwick Art Group held it's Annual Art Exhibition in the local community centre where over forty works in water colour and acrylic were on display.We enjoyed the attendance of many visitors from the local community including several members of our Town Council, Councillors William Feldon, Irene Merchin and John Myers pictured. Rachael Willis a member of The Arts Development Council was also among the visitors and all enjoyed a very successful afternoon.

24_July_06_Holy_Island.jpg 24 Jul 2006

The Holy Island Painting Holiday with George Colley 24-27 July 2006. Olwyn our founder member and chairperson painting with Karen whilst Norma relaxes in the gentle warm of the summer sun. 


3 Mar 2005

On the 3rd of March 2005 the group held an internal exhibition of their work which was intended for attendance by members only. The group was smaller at that time and held it's meetings in All Saints School Art Department, the members in the photograph are from the early beginnings and all except two are still members. The exhibition was in the form of a critique to give members' points of view and to help in the development of their personal painting skills. Since then we have held an exhibition in the summer of each year which is open to members of the public free of charge. Do come along to future exhibitions and meet the artists who are a friendly bunch, have a cup of tea and a biscuit. You will be very welcome.   

Olwyn and Mayor.jpg 4 Dec 2004 Presentation of a protrait ( by Alan Austin) to Councillor Jennie Beaumont Mayor of Stockton by Olwyn Bertram on the occassion of the official opening of the Art Group.


31 Aug 2004

The Art Groups first field trip was to Preston Park, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day which made the occassion very enjoyable and memorable. 


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