Paintings by Norma Myers

Norma is a retired school teacher who still helps out as a supply teacher. She enjoys watercolour painting and is the Art Group Secretary. She shares many of John's interests including the love of horse racing and worked with him during their period as local publicans. Norma is a member of St Francis of Assisi Church, Ingleby Barwick where she gives much of her free time in support of the general running of the church and it's various events.





 On the Beach - Watercolour

 Bridge in Winter - Mixed Media

 Country Lane - Watercolour

 Barrack Obama - Pastels





 Sunny Courtyard - Watercolour

 Country Cottage - Watercolour

 Corner Ways - Watercolour

Winter Snow - Watercolour 





 Dylan Thomas' - House - Watercolour

 Quiet Corner - Watercolour

 Winter's Day - Watercolour

Sunset - Pastels 




 Scamp - Pastels

Bull behind the wall -Watercolour


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