Paintings by John Myers

John has been retired for several years having worked in various fields of industry which took him to such places as the Arab Emirats and Japan. During the later years of his working life he and his wife Norma were Publicans with a high reputation for their hospitality and good food. He is a keen watercolour and acrylic artist and is the Art Group Treasurer, he enjoys horse racing and has in the past been a race horse owner with several wins to his credit. He is a member of St Francis of Assisi Church Ingleby Barwick and a Town Councillor in the parish.





Reflections - Acrylic 

 Tigers - Acrylic

 Puffins - Acrylic

 Seascape - Watercolour





 Christopher - Acrylic

 Rose - Acrylic

 Polar Bear - Acrylic

 Woods in Winter - Watercolour





 Spring Lamb - Acrylic

 Sunset - Acrylic

 Period Painting - Watercolour

 HM The Queen - Acrylic





 Monkey - Acrylic

 Duchess of Cambridge - Acrylic

 Birch Wood - Acrylic

 Red-Hot Runes



 Autumn Leaves - Acrylic


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