Paintings by Joan Betts

In 2002 I moved from Sussex to Yarm to be near my daughter and grandchildren. Needing to make new friends I took up painting as a new hobby and joined Ingleby Barwick and Yarm Art Groups. I have learned so much from other members and recommend anyone contemplating a new hobby to try your hand at painting, you never know what you can do until you try!





 By the Seaside - Watercolour

 In the Snow - Watercolour

 Best Pals - Watercolour

 Landscape - Watercolour





 Summer Landscape - Acrylic

 Lakeland - Watercolour

Floral - Acrylic

 Kitty - Watercolour





 Flowers - Watercolour

Beauty of Winter - Watercolour 

 Pansies - Watercolour

 Poppies - Watercolour





 Pebbles - Watercolour

 Roses - Watercolour

 Surfing - Watercolour

 Stone Bridge - Watercolour





 Poppies - Acrylic

 French Courtyard - Watercolour

 Flowers in the Rain - Acrylic

 Across the Field - Watercolour





 Flowers and Glass - Watercolour 

 Rooster - Acrylic

Pegasus - Acrylic 

 Kingfisher - Watercolour





 Playful Hunter - Acrylic

 Poppies - Watercolour

 Robinhoods Bay - Acrylic    

Save Our Highstreet - Watercolour





 Little Girls Grow Up

 Billy - Watercolour

 Little Boys Grow Up

 Lake Land - Acrylic



 Tulips - Watercolour  Mixed Iris - Watercolour

 Family Pet - Pastels


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