Paintings by Beryl Taylor

Beryl has had a life long enjoyment of viewing works of art in various galleries up and down the country and some abroad. She never felt that she had the ability to produce acceptable paintings herself, one day she saw an advertisement in a local newspaper which said "It is your last chance to join" this motivated Beryl to enrol at the Riverside College onto a water colour course and since then she has experimented with other medium such as acrylic. Beryl enjoys her art and has been a member of the group since the early days where she has forged lasting friendships with other like minded people.





 Winston - Watercolour

 Struggle for Life - Watercolour

 Flower Basket - Watercolour

 Young Man - Watercolour





 Riverside - Watercolour

Family Car - Watercolour 

 Conquestador - Watercolour

 Lilies - Watercolour





Tribesman - Watercolour 

 Venice - Watercolour

 Sunset - Watercolour

All Seeing Eye - Watercolour 





 Stone Village - Watercolour

 Crashing Waves - Acrylic

 Reflections - Acrylic

 Misty Mountain - Acrylic

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