Paintings by Olwyn Bertram

When Olwyn retired from her job as cook supervisor in school meals,she needed to keep up with her painting hobby,which she has followed for many years. Having started painting in oils,she was pleased when a water colour class  started up in Ingleby Barwick community centre, with a tutor from Riverside College.It was a small but very friendly group so when members reached level 3 in NCFE and tutoring ended,Olwyn approached Mr Pinkney,acting Head of All Saints Community School,which was not yet opened at that time,he immediately offered the art room at quite a reasonable rate. The group were thrilled to be able to stay together. In September 2004 I.B.A.G was formed with a committe of four, a constitution and our first grant from Ingleby Barwick Parish Council We were Established !!  Olwyn paints in oils watercolour,acrylic,and chalk pastel  She is a member of Townswoman Guild, and is an avid researcher of Family History.














 Head of a Woman - Acrylic    



 Roses - Watercolour



 Girl in Repose - Pastels



 Tribal Chief - Watercolour















 Tuscany - Watercolour



 Landscape - Oils



 London Bridge - Oils



 Cedar of Lebanon - Watercolour















 Cherry Ripe - Watercolour



 Flowers - Watercolour



 Cubism - Watercolour










  Lady in a Boat - Acrylic

 Going Home - Mixed Media

 Gateway to Paradise - Pastels

 Polar Bears - Watercolour Pencil





 Spring Flowers - Watercolour

 Along the River Bank - Watercolour

 Lily Pond - Pastels

 Woodland Scene - Acrylic


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