Paintings by Karen Howard

Karen is now retired, having worked at Middlesbrough College since her children grew up. After receiving a set of  watercolours for her 40th birthday she enrolled in a leisure art class and loved it from the first lesson. She stayed with watercolours for the next few years and it remains her favourite medium. Occasionally she uses pastels and is experimenting with acrylics at the moment. Like many amateur artists she usually works inside from photographs but she also enjoys going on tutored art holidays when she can get out with like minded souls and battle the vagaries of an English summer. 






 Lakeland - Watercolour

 Stone Bridge - Pastels

 Landscape - Watercolour

 Harvest - Watercolour





 Low Forces - Watercolour

 Donkey Ride - Watercolour

 Sheep in the Heather


 Wild Roses - Acrylic





 Elephants - Watercolour

 Zebra - Acrylic

 Swans - Watercolour

 Giraffes - Acrylic





 A Yorkshire Dale - Watercolour

 Penguines - Watercolour

 Polar Bear - Watercolour

 French Pottery - Watercolour





 The Stag - Watercolour

 Rydal Water - Watercolour

 Country Lane - Watercolour

 Sunny Corner - Watercolour





 Runswick Bay - Watercolour

 Elephants - Watercolour

 Wild Horses - Watercolour

 Beach Huts - Watercolour




 French Cottage - Watercolour

 Fly Like the Wind - Watercolour

Tacking - Watercolour  Lindisfarne - Acrylic 
 Japanese Garden - Watercolour  Collage - Paper cut outs  Just My Luck - Watercolour   High and Dry Watercolour


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