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Paintings with a theme - Boats

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 Betty Evans Yacht.jpg



Watercolour by Betty Evans

"Low Tide" by Hilda Orange

Watercolour by Gloria Thompson


 alan Boats.jpg


Sketch in pastels by Elizabeth Dennison

"Whitby Harbour" Watercolour by Alan Austin

Watercolour by Karen Howard

 John 1.jpg



"St Ives- Cornwall" Acrylic by John Hall

Monochrome watercolour by Ann Cudworth

"Chinese Junk" Watercolour by Olwyn Bertram




"Waiting for the Tide" Margaret Guthrie

"Fishing Boats" Acrylic by John Hall

"Seascape" Elizabeth Dennison




 Watercolour - Karen Howard

 Boats at Anchor - Acrylic  Alan Austin


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