Welcome to the Cleveland Gallery

A selection of artwork by members of the group





Watercolour by Pat McMaster   

Watercolour by Margaret Guthrie

Watercolour by Gloria Thompson

Olwyn Bertram Cherry Ripe.jpg



Watercolour by Olwyn Bertram

Watercolour by John Myers

Watercolour by Norma Myers

 Mountain view.jpg



Acrylic by John Hall

Acrylic by Dorothy Kirkbride

Watercolour by Beryl Taylor




Watercolour by Steve Ince   

Acrylic by Ann Cudworth

Acrylic by Valerie Harrison

Joan Betts Twins at the Seaside.jpg

Karen Howard Sheep in the Heather.jpg


"Twins at the Seaside"

Watercolour by Joan Betts

"Sheep in the Heather"

Watercolour by Karen Howard

"Hilton Village Church"

Watercolour by Anne Gibbons

Hilda Helmsley.jpg

DSC01024_edited.JPG PULLSF1_edited.jpg

"Helmsley" Watercolour by Hilda Orange

Watercolour by Elizabeth Dennison

"Pulls Ferry Norwich"

Watercolour by Betty Evans

Shanklin IOW oil 2.jpg

Poppies in corn field 2.jpg


"Shanklin Isle of White"

Oil by Alan Austin

"Poppies in a Cornfield"

Acrylic by John Hall

"Roseberry Topping"

Watercolour by Hazel Dixon

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