Art Group Programme

Birth of a New Star - Acrylic by John Hall

We will endeavour to keep the programe up to date, please refer to it for details of meetings and events. 


Details of Event 

 07 Sep 18 Own work.
14 Sep 18 Short meeting to discuss schedule and tea rota.  Own work.  Subscriptions.
18 Sep 18 On Tuesday the 18th there will be a community event in the church hall at St Francis Church from 1 till 3 pm. The first hour will be a watercolour workshop lead by John Hall, from 2pm we will all enjoy afternoon tea with sandwiches and home made cakes, no charge. Those who have offered to help with the workshop please bring brushes, paints, water pots and pallets. If you are just attending for the fun of it your friends and family are also welcome. The objective is to try to find some new members for the art group. 
21 Sep 18 Own Work. Open to visitors 1-45 to 3-30.
28 Sep 18 Own work.  Open to visitors 1-45 to 3-30.
05 Oct 18 Own Work. Subscriptions. Open to visitors 1-45 to 3-30.
12 Oct 18 Visiting artist Tracy Krupianka will demonstrate acrylic skills in the painting of flowers.
19 Oct 18 Own Work. Open to visitors 1-45 to 3-30.
26 Oct 18 Own Work.
02 Nov 18 Half term.
09 Nov 18 Own work. Subscriptions. Set up Art Exhibition in library.
16 Nov 18 Own work. 
23 Nov 18 Own Work. Remove Art Exhibition from library.
30 Nov 18 Own Work.
07 Dec 18 Christmas Party
11 Jan 19 Start of Spring Term.

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